11 Free Crochet Lovey Patterns (2024)

If your baby is 12 months old now then it’s time to introduce him to a LOVEY! A lovey is a sleep buddy for the kids with whom they develop a really emotional and comfortable bonding with time. What can be a better Lovey for your kids than a handmade one? Here we have brought to you these 11 free crochet lovey patterns to work on and bring the best and the most heartwarming sleep buddy for your kids. Being made out of your hands these lovey patterns would borrow your smell and thus really help your kids to get into a calm and comfy sleep.

A cute crochet lovey consists of two parts. One is the cute animal toy and the other is a lovely blanket. You can choose any of your favorite animals to crochet up a super fun and cute lovey for your baby. Adorable bear lovey, kitty lovey, and bunny lovey are the most favorite and famous lovey patterns. Also, you can beautify the blanket section with a variety of colors, motifs, and designs so they look the best to catch the attention of your little ones. Not only for your own kids but these crochet lovey patterns can make the best gift ideas for the baby shower or for a newborn too.

1. Crochet Serape Lovey Free Crochet Pattern:

11 Free Crochet Lovey Patterns (1)

One of the best things that you can crochet up for your little ones is this crochet serape lovely free crochet pattern. The gorgeous Lovey crochet pattern comes with a lovely amigurumi top with a blanket attached. This would make a really pretty gift for your little ones in the family.

Free Patternwhistleandivy

2. Crochet Lovey Blanket A Bunny To Love:

11 Free Crochet Lovey Patterns (2)

Crochet lovely blanket with the bunny is the best thing to make for Easter and your kids are going to love this gift. Not only for your own kids, but this lovely blanket bunny blanket would make a lovely baby shower gift too. The gorgeous hues of the white, pink and the peach really create a lovely combination and that too in the chevron style.

Free Patterncrochet365knittoo

3. Shell Stitch Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern:

11 Free Crochet Lovey Patterns (3)

The shell stitch is one of the most exquisite stitches and the pattern and the gorgeous baby blanket looks stunning with this stitch. The hues of the yarn in blue, white and a little brown really add up to make this blanket a perfect part of your summer baby room. The color scheme can be customized per your choices.

Free Patternthestitchinmommy

4. Liam The Lamb Baby Lovey Blanket:

11 Free Crochet Lovey Patterns (4)

This gorgeous Liam the lamb baby lovely blanket is the best thing to make for your kids which is double functional. It can serve as a lovely blanket and also a fun toy to play with. The gorgeous white and grey yarn hues, the star-like blanket pattern and the cute lamb face really make this lovey blanket a perfect hit.

Free Patterncraftinghappiness

5. The Cuddliest Crochet Bear Lovey:

11 Free Crochet Lovey Patterns (5)

This cuddliest crochet bear lovey is the best version of the bear that your kids can enjoy. The lovely crochet bear with the gorgeous blanket flair is the best thing ever to see on the internet today. The blanket has gorgeous yarn hues in the form of a wavy pattern which really adds much to its beauty and charm.

Free Patternsewrella

6. Kitty Lovey Free Crochet Pattern:

11 Free Crochet Lovey Patterns (6)

The girls love yarn toys and they are going to fall in love with these kitty lovey free crochet patterns. The kitty body and the lovely blanket like flair really make the kitty lovey a pretty present. The use of bright hues of yarn with white has really come out to be interesting and eye-catching.

Free Patternloopsandlovecrochet

7. Bear Free Crochet Lovey Pattern:

11 Free Crochet Lovey Patterns (7)

Nor more sleeping issues for your little ones as you have this gorgeous bear free crochet lovey pattern. The blue and white hues of the yarn really make this pretty lovely so much attractive for the kids. You can choose the yarn hues that match the theme of your baby’s bedding. This would make a great gift idea too.

Free Patternpetalstopicots

8. Ellie the Elephant Lovey Free Pattern:

11 Free Crochet Lovey Patterns (8)

Your kids are going to get the best sleep buddies with this Ellie the elephant lovely free pattern. Ellie’s face looks so nice and innocent with the face features and the dominant orange hues really add to the charm and beauty of this Elephant lovey pattern. You can use it as the best baby shower gift.

Free Patternapurposeandastitch

9. Baby Penguin Crochet Security Blanket:

11 Free Crochet Lovey Patterns (9)

No matter how much gifts you have given to your kids this baby penguin crochet security blanket is the best thing that they are going to fall in love with. The gorgeous penguin with a lovely red scarf around the neck looks just too adorable. This would make the best baby shower gift or also for the newborn.

Free Pattern1dogwoof

10. Cuddly Koala Free Crochet Lovey Pattern:

11 Free Crochet Lovey Patterns (10)

The koalas are the cutest things after the bear and the bunnies and so they make a pretty toy gift for your little ones. Using the custom koala yarn hues you can crochet up this super fun and cute Lovey. It is wearing a pretty peach-hued bow on the head which makes it look more adorable and drool-worthy.

Free Patternmakeanddocrew

11. Free Pattern Crochet Baby Bear Snuggly :

11 Free Crochet Lovey Patterns (11)

Need a gift for the babies? How about making this lovely crochet baby bear snuggle. The gorgeous baby bear, the big blanket section and the pretty yarn hues of the blue, black and the white really have blended well to make this snuggle buddy look super darn cute and adorable. Make it a gift for the kids around too.

Free Patternamandajonescrochet

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11 Free Crochet Lovey Patterns (2024)


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