DSCENE GUIDE: 3 Tips For Wearing Cheeky Underwear (2024)

DSCENE GUIDE: 3 Tips For Wearing Cheeky Underwear (1)

Women’s underwear is now revolutionary. They started as apparel symbolizing nothing but femininity and sexual connotations such as seduction. However, they’ve become an icon. Women’s underwear is now the epitome of body positivity, confidence, and beauty. Gone are the misogynistic values attached to them.

Over time, different underwear variations were developed to cater to other preferences and different body types. Bikinis, thongs, hipsters, midrise, boy shorts, and of course, cheekies are to name a few.

Cheeky Underwear 101

Cheeky underwear has started to gain popularity apart from bikinis and thongs steadily. Also, they’re not as equally promoted worldwide compared to sexy lingerie. They’re a tad bit underrated, but they’re great options when it comes to the benefits of wearing them.

But first, what’s this cheeky underwear and how exactly are they worn? If one is interested in switching the type of preferred underwear, learn the tips about the basic information, benefits, and steps in wearing cheeky underwear.

Cheeky underwear pieces aren’t only beautiful and sexy but also excellent in quality. You can have cheeky underwear with high-quality material for your utmost comfort, such as ones with bamboo fabric. Bamboo is absorbent like cotton and wicks away moisture and bad odor. Check out Bamboo Underwear to learn more about bamboo undergarments.

  1. Know The Facts

Just like any other revolutionary underwear, cheekies intend to forward empowerment instead of seduction as aligned with the goals of EBY. Cheeky underwear, as the name implies, enhances the derriere by the exposure of the plump part of it. Generally, they have less coverage than bikinis but more than thongs. Also, the front and the waist portion are mostly covered. Plus, it’s flirtier and more playful than a typical bikini. Overall, it’s the best type to wear when one is in a ‘cheeky’ mood.

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Cheeky underwear is often confused with bikinis or thongs. To differentiate cheekies from the rest of the underwear types, here are the noticeable distinctions:

  • Rear Coverage

The cheeky underwear earned its name from its attitude and cut. This type of underwear features narrower fabric across the rear than a typical bikini cut. Despite the trim material, it significantly covers more than a thong. The amount creates a flirty and playful effect with moderate coverage. To sum it up, cheeky underwear is less than a bikini but more than a thong.

Furthermore, many women opt for cheeky underwear in terms of preference because it acts as a delightful medium between total exposure and full coverage. It’s practical, versatile, and suitable for a little sexy touch. It’s the ultimate underwear of balance.

  • Rise

The flirting technique of cheeky underwear is backward if you get the drift! It leaves the butt cheeks more exposed yet provides modest coverage in the front. The cheeky underwear comes in different cuts such as a unique high-waisted or lower-cut style. However, the mid-rise waistband is the typical choice since it complements the overall look, coverage, and versatility.

  • Side Coverage

For cheeky underwear, the cuts tend to have more comprehensive panels. This is for more coverage around the hips. These panels can help the underwear better stay put without the chance of it digging into the sides. The wider fabric bands equally distribute the pressure to a larger area, ensuring maximum comfort.

  • VPL Potential

Some women are self-conscious about visible panty lines (VPL) but don’t prefer to wear thongs. If that’s the case, cheeky underwear might be the best option. Since the back panel is narrower, the cut is more likely to disappear under underpants and skirts. Cheekies offer to be more comfortable and practical in all situations.

  • Fashion-forward Style

Cheeky underwear is the better fashion-forward choice now if the goal is to add a little spice to one’s underwear apparel. Aside from cute styles, they’re cozier too.

To wear cheeky underwear, just put them on as there’s no different mechanism attached to it. The only thing differentiating it from the rest is its functionality and cut. There are also guides to women’s underwear one may use to test better the fit, design, and comfort of this underwear. Aside from the directions, one may also try some cheekies during shopping. Trying one on is the best way to test the underwear.

  1. Find The Best Pair

In wearing any underwear, make sure it suits one’s style, preference, and comfort. There’s no rush in getting the best cheeky underwear; one can try as long as they want and as much as they can.

There are many online stores for cheeky underwear. They offer different colors, styles, and designs. Believe it or not, they even have reusable underwear in cheeky designs for style and comfort during that time of the month. Depending on the legitimacy and popularity of the store as well as the brand, prices may vary.

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  1. Consider The Benefits

Besides the flirty designs and sexy exposure, cheeky underwear also has many benefits. They are as follows:

  • Comfortable – can be worn anytime and on any occasion
  • Soft Cotton – no rough friction damaging the skin
  • Seamless – no pressure that might leave VPL
  • Controlled Wedgy – no to accidental wedgies as one gets to decide when to show off!


Cheeky underwear is proven to be comfortable, practical, and sexy. If one considers buying these, there are cheeky underwear brands good for your preference. It’s never too late to aim high and step up your game.Grab a new pair of cheekies now!

Images from Victoria’s Secret Spring Summer 2020 by Helena Christensen – See the full story here

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DSCENE GUIDE: 3 Tips For Wearing Cheeky Underwear (2024)


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